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Pug /Beagel X

From Ireland
Enfield, Co. Meath
Born 21/09/2022 (1 year and 2 months ago)


Please meet Rusty she’s an 18 month old Pug Bragel X

Absolute beautiful Girly, very very affectionate, live wire and very fun loving,  House trained, Neutered and non shed loves going for a spin in the car. she is chipped. ~You can see from one of the pictures we have other house dogs and unfortunately Rusty and one of our older dog Tilly, no longer get on so well which is unfair on both of them, but Our Till is the problem not rusty, she is six years old so that’s why unfortunately Rusty needs a new home, she is really good with every other animal she has been introduced too she’s very affectionate she’s very playful. She also loves love ❤️ please if you are interested in Rusty she needs a loving home where she will be indoors for a lot of time. She loves to be with people and she needs a very safe yard/back garden where she Have Her Runaround and can be safe as that is what she is used to now,


If you have any Queires or Would like a Video or mor Picks Of Rusty Please Do Not Hessitate to Contact Me





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